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hollister sale uk Chinese New Year, my two cousin to my house to see my mother and with the same . My two cousin asking me questions about the children , but also unmarried, he estimated nearly a wedding .

My parents are my cousin's uncle and aunt of the body are bad, the future could not help them with children. My cousin 's girlfriend home situation is not very understanding , but of great concern to the major issues of this cousin move the topic of view, they will face no one home with doll .

Like me .

For I can find the cousin Chen grandmother look like baby candidate said he was very envious of his words gave me a great touch : if you're happy , ah, someone watching the children , the body is also good, so nice .

I'm really happy it?

In fact, for this problem with dolls , I always think I am quite unhappy . The people around me , or to see grandma grandpa grandparents playing with a doll like hot kiln , clamoring to see ; Or is all-out with Grandma , the couple can freely peacefulness shopping trip hollister sale uk ; either is the mother not have to work 24 hours accompanied doll , give the most careful care and most satisfactory education.

Look at me, the work can not be lost , dolls can not put the old man can not see . The last days of maternity leave , I cried at home, almost anxious , to whom my child with ah ? Fortunately, we found Chen grandmother, solved a big problem . Chen grandmother for the same club , science diet , slightly through early childhood , very good.

So it seems, I'm really happy .

And chat with friends in the group , one mother said she felt happiness is very low, a sharp decline in the happiness index . We asked her why she felt , she said she felt her husband was not what she wanted to give .

One day her husband sent a bouquet of flowers to her, she said to her husband : one day you do not do this whole virtual, hollister sale uk there is concern that energy to be more concerned about her daughter .

Make breakfast for her husband burned his hand, she did not feel distressed .

She said , I just want to let him talk with me , spend more time with my daughter , but he can not.

One is willing to give his wife flowers husband, specify not be a bad man. A breakfast for the wife to know a man , is certainly a very homely feel a good man 's wife .

So where is the problem out? If a woman is not a change of heart , that is, two people have the mentality , he was not what she wanted to , she wanted , but he did not give .

Happiness so widely divergent .

If two people are in the right direction can regain happiness is not hard .

One day, I hold just bought two books upstairs, met a colleague , a child 's mother is not large .

I bought two books and parenting are related hollister sale uk , I recently read that kind of book . My colleague saw me get the book , asked me: you are now reading parenting right .

Right ah. I answered in the affirmative .

I now have to go to work every day carrying a small book , the book is a small small from the front remember reading the same record , the book is what I remember from reading the back of records and extract . I think this little book quite meaningful progress with my daughter .

I have always felt that reading is one of the best habits, not to mention I'm studying for my daughter. My life is likely to this time when my mother , my theory why not arm themselves to give my daughter the best family education?

Reading, so I feel very full, full of curiosity , so I think this time I did not waste a mother.

Between trekking text, I harvest happiness.

A little girl I know , there is a good boyfriend , but the boyfriend how good , we do not know .

One day, this little girl does not know allergies touch something, severe allergies . First, swollen face , and then breathing difficulties, when sent to the hospital emergency room , she had a shock .

When the girl 's boyfriend received a phone call rushed to the hospital, his face is with tears hollister sale uk . At the scene of the husband told me: Little M is really anxious , crying .

Having heard this , I really want to tell the girl said: marry him, anxious to shed tears for you man , worthy to marry .

About that " BMW crying and laughing on the bike ," the speech, I do not want to evaluate . I only know that a man is willing to cry for you , even if he does not take advantage of even a bike , you can rest assured that you marry him in the most critical moment , because he is an absolute good man .

Happiness is a personal heartfelt love you care about you and care for you.

In fact , happiness or not , the decision on their own .

In fact , happiness is in your heart, whether you can go look at your wake .

I wish you all happiness.

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